Nice Tracker

A simple sex tracking app for iPhones & iPads.
Track partners, locations, activities, stds, and more.

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Nice is an easy to use and intuitive sex tracking app for iOS. Use it to track and log your sex and intimacy.

Keep track of your sexual encounters with the ability to record: when, where, how long, with who, protection used, custom sex activities, and a custom note.

Also keep track of your STD / STI test dates and results for you and your partners.

View all of your entries on a easy to read calendar; or browse entries on a sortable and groupable list.

View and analyze all of your statistics! Know your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly averages. Know your shortest, longest, average, and total sexual activity duration.

Exclusively for iPhone and iPad.

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Premium Features


Edit, delete, and create custom activities along with a custom icon


Keep track of your sexual Partners' name, picture, STDs/STIs, and details


Record the locations of your activities and view them all on a map

Device Sync

Sync your data across all of your iCloud iOS devices


View all of your sexual statistics by who, what, and when


Lock the app with a passcode and Touch ID / Face ID


Backup & Restore all of your sexual data to and from JSON

URL Scheme

Get access to the URL Scheme > nicetracker://

Siri Shortcut

Add an entry with the Siri Shortcut integration

Orgasms Count

Keep count of your and your partners' orgasms

5 Star Rating

Rate your entries with 1-5 star rating system

Pregnancy & STD/STI

Track your and your partners' pregnancy and std/sti tests


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nice sync to HealthKit?

Yes! You can sync to healthkit by turning it on under the settings menu. Version 3+ makes syncing to HealthKit optional.

My entries from HealthKit are missing!

Nice only reads, edits, and deletes HealthKit entries that were added by the Nice app.

I just upgraded my phone, how do I restore my data?

You can make a manual backup of your data via the Backup menu option, and use that backup file to restore all of your Nice data on your new phone.

I am missing data after upgrading!

Try re-syncing HealthKit data by going to: Menu > Settings > HealthKit > Sync Now

Can I have [new feature]?

Maybe! Send me an email and I will let you know! I am only a single developer with limited time, so it might take a while.

How do I go to 'Today' on the calendar?

Simply double tap the month header to automatically to scroll to Today.



URL Scheme
JSON Structure
Siri Shortcut


Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important, especially when it comes to your sex life. For that reason alone, Nice does not collect any of your personal data and information.

The developer only receives anonymous opt-in analytical data provided by Apple and anonymous analytical data to track crashes and usage.

Nice does not save nor want your personal data.

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